VirTeca is committed to delivering the next generation of material handling solutions through the creative application of technology and product development. Whether it’s designing custom solutions to fit specific needs or engineering systems that redefine an industry, it is our passion for innovation and delighting clients that are the driving forces behind VirTeca.



We strive to deliver a new standard of protection and safety above and beyond the status quo. From easy-to-install self-informed emergency stop buttons to drastically reduced noise to fewer pinch points that enable direct contact without injury, we’re working to ensure our designs reduce workplace hazards.


With the adaptability and modularity to provide optimized throughput even in small spaces, our innovative products address your needs with custom systems that offer simple installation. This includes engineering advanced segmented controls technology, synergistic “plug and play” equipment that needs only 120-volt power (the same voltage as the outlets in your home), and multi-directional, reversible, transportable, and adjustable sortation device options.


Focusing on maximizing output, we’re providing the resources to enhance efficiency in several key areas. We’re proud to produce material handling equipment fit for small spaces that can sort a myriad of parcel sizes and weights at once in various directions at speeds from 2,000 to 5,000 pieces per hour. On top of enhanced system speed, we’ve transformed traditional solutions to provide rapid installation, while utilizing less manual labor.


To remain fruitful and cost-effective, we pay acute attention to performance and reliability through data analytics and leading-edge technology. Whether ensuring the proper gap space between items on a conveyor, properly descrambling a package dump on a belt, or sorting parcels, our meticulous software utilizes secure, encrypted metadata to work consistently as a trustworthy staple in your warehouse.


Whether we’re supplying innovative material handling solutions domestically or globally, VirTeca contributes to the landscape of American logistics and provides domestic jobs with all of our equipment being assembled in the U.S.

Though our products are assembled in various locations nationally, our true home is in Atlanta, Georgia, where we first grew our roots and are still located today. More specifically, you can find us in Peachtree Corners. If you're local to the area or find yourself flying into Atlanta, we'd be more than happy to show off our southern hospitality and host you for a tour.


With customer satisfaction at the heart of what drives us, we’re committed to delivering solutions that go above and beyond expectations.


At VirTeca, we believe in collaboration and are proud to foster partnerships with like-minded companies we believe in to propel your company’s growth.

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