In addition to designing parcel handling solutions, we also provide comprehensive integration services with the same focus on scale, safety, efficiency and accuracy that drives our product development. Our team has led implementation of hundreds of projects for the largest parcel carriers at locations around the globe.

case studies

Flexible and rapid deployment

THE PROBLEM: An international parcel carrier required a flexible solution to process small parcels during peak demand at more than 2,500 pieces per hour.

THE SOLUTION: VirTeca designed a system to induct, encode, and sort small packages. Equipment was mounted on modules with locking casters so the system could relocated when not in use. Factory acceptance test was completed prior to shipping to site.

THE RESULTS: The system was put in place, powered, and ready to process packages within 3 days.

Creative design with limited space

THE PROBLEM: A large parcel carrier needed more load positions for ULD’s (Unit Load Devices) and more unload throughput to keep up with demand. However, space was limited and options were constrained by myriad regulations and codes.

THE SOLUTION: VirTeca designed a layout with a separate bank of load positions within the given constraints. The design also increased unload volume by adding a new position with a single stage extendable conveyor for safer and more efficient ULD unloading.

THE RESULTS: Increased load positions by 90% and increased unload throughput by 40% with full compliance to local regulations.

Downtime is not an option

THE PROBLEM: An international parcel carrier needed to get small parcel bags to a mezzanine sorter and return sorted bags back down to the main system in an airport gateway. Space was at a premium and existing operations could not be disrupted.

THE SOLUTION: VirTeca engineers overcame numerous clearance issues and code requirements to define a safe and efficient conveyor pathway. Project Management collaborated with facility management and other trades to work around the existing operation with installation windows as small as 4 hours.

THE RESULTS: The system was delivered on time with 0 hours of lost time for the existing operation.

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