At VirTeca, we provide comprehensive material-handling solutions that meet every need within your business ecosystem. Our VirSatile Solutions line exemplifies this approach, with products that streamline operations, maximize efficiency, and prioritize workforce safety while reducing costs.

While each product is applicable on its own to a wide range of applications, systems and industries, their value rises substantially when used all together, as our VirSatile Solutions are designed to work cohesively to push the bounds of system versatility by plugging into one another and operating on 120-volt power.

We engineer next-level solutions that exceed expectations and pride ourselves on establishing lasting partnerships with our clients. Our products constantly evolve to meet customer and industry needs, so feel free to reach out to us to learn about our latest developments and how we can help solve your challenges.


Our adaptable designs and offerings provide a range of sorting solutions, from heavy-duty equipment to smaller footprints, to maximize efficiency and reduce the manpower needed for unloading and sortation. We've revolutionized traditional conveyor belts to automate private derivatives and enable the movement of material, even heavy parcels, quickly in various directions. This means that with our VirSatile Sorters, various-sized, neatly singulated parcels on the same line get sorted quickly, changing orientation without stopping the belt. Our technology is fully reversible, making bulk flow a breeze. If you're looking to simplify parcel movement, the present and future of material movement are near limitless with VirSatile Sorters.


At VirTeca, our gates are designed to solve any points of friction throughout the workday, improving the daily job for employees while expanding company profitability. Our VirSatile Gates operate on power rather than motors to protect against power outages, ensuring operations can continue “business as usual,” regardless of unpredictable circumstances. If you’re looking to save floor space, we also offer gates that open up like a door on a hinge, allowing people to walk through when needed while maintaining the flow of parcels. To maximize safety and reliability, we recommend pairing our gates with emergency stop buttons, which can be dropped anywhere in the system by simply plugging them in.


Our descramblers not only automate parcel arrangement, but they also allow for the quick dump of large shipments with the certainty that all parcels will be uniformly and accurately regulated into a speedy singular package flow, regardless of varying parcel size. We've created a unique method for handling various-sized parcels on the same line and regulating package volume into singulated flow at rates of 2,400 - 5,000 pieces per hour, depending on specific applications. Our relatively compact and powerful equipment can be combined with a wide range of technology, software, and sorters to ensure accurate data collection and custom solutions for your unique shipment intake handling needs.


Our secret weapon for fast integration times, system scalability, and modularity is our VirSatile Distributed Controls System, a controls and software solution designed for easy implementation and expansion. A series of compact, segmented control panels attached to corresponding equipment, our distributed controls are configured to know their individual jobs and seamlessly communicate with one another wherever placed in a line, making operating cohesive systems as easy as “plug and play.” Outside of our controls, we offer automated technology and data-tracking software that expand the capabilities of parcel movement, proactively inform of preventative maintenance needed, and improve data organization for all parcels going through your material handling system.

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Patent Pending

We officially have a patent pending on our VirSatile Distributed Controls, as covered by, DC Velocity, Multichannel Merchant, and more.

We're MHI Members

We're proud to join MHI, a leading non-profit trade association representing the U.S. material handling, logistics, and supply chain industry.

Modex 2024

VirTeca will be an exhibitor at MHI's Modex 2024 tradeshow!

If you're attending, you can find us at booth B8853.

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