At VirTeca, we’re a close-knit team of pioneers and innovators, never hesitating to challenge traditional ways of doing things. Meet the sharp minds behind our bright ideas below.


Joe Clark

Engineering Manager

Joe is responsible for overseeing our controls, software, mechanical, and project engineering teams. His 17 years of experience in both engineering and leadership positions provide unique expertise in successful project delivery.

After graduating, Joe was commissioned into the U.S. Army as a Combat Engineer Officer leading teams in a high-stress and fast-paced environment.  Upon leaving the Army, Joe used his technical and leadership skills to support and lead design-build projects in the Food and Beverage, and Industrial Plant Engineering Industries.

Joe uses his expertise to position, build, and support the project teams to successfully execute project engineering and innovation goals.

Mike Robinson

Sr. Account Manager

Mike has been working in the material handling industry for over 30 years and is the Senior Account Manager for our long-term relationship with DHL Express. He works closely with the engineering team at DHL to define the scope for upcoming projects, apply the best equipment to be used, and provides proposals for the work. Mike has managed major installation projects all over the U.S. as well as several very large installations in Europe. Mike is an expert in the field of material handling and is engaged by our customers as a trusted partner to work with them to solve difficult problems.

Ott Miidla

Sr. Controls Engineer

Ott has over ten years of experience in industrial automation of material handling systems. He develops the system control philosophy and coordinates with the controls engineering team for system hardware requirements. Ott leads the development of the machine control software, ensuring system functionality meets customer expectations. He also develops the Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) for the system. Ott has played a significant role in R&D and has advanced our thinking around the application of our distributed controls architecture and intelligent/scalable software.

Mike stevens

Project Manager

Mike is a seasoned project manager with an engineering degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology and over 30 years of experience in the material handling industry. He excels in directing complex projects and leading cross-functional teams. Mike's deep industry expertise guarantees projects are completed on time, on budget, and to the high standard we hold ourselves to.

Christopher Long

Controls Engineer

Christopher brings nearly ten years of experience in electrical design and industrial automation of material handling systems. He is responsible for the post-sales controls engineering for VirTeca solutions. He provides the controls hardware and panel designs for the system based on the system control philosophy for the project and supports the team as the project controls engineer through the specification, procurement, fabrication, and installation of both components and the system as a whole. Christopher is also responsible for the generation of bid packages and installation drawings and assists in the selection and management of electrical installation contractors for the projects.

Tommie Lane

Software Engineer

Tommie has over 11 years of experience in computer science, software engineering, and mobile app development and supports the VirTeca team as a software developer. Proficient in a variety of programming languages, PLC Ladder Logic and mobile application development, Tommie works collaboratively with the controls and engineering teams to deliver successful projects that meet the client functionality requirements.

Caleb Boyce

Engineering Product Coordinator

Caleb brings 10 years of technician experience to the controls and software team. He has accumulated knowledge and skills working in varied range of technical roles in manufacturing environments. Not only is he skilled in system maintenance, troubleshooting, fabrication, and welding, but provides professional leadership in equipment assembly, production and system implementation in the field.

Areeje Khalek

Mechanical Project Engineer

Areeje brings almost a decade of experience in mechanical project engineering and a Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He is experienced in lean manufacturing, process improvement and design. Areeje supports projects through detailed mechanical design of the system and provides critical collaboration to the project team through final implementation. He has a passion for strategic problem solving and developing automated systems designed to enhance the speed, safety, and reliability of material handling systems.

Kevin Soria

Mechanical Project Engineer

Having studied Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology, Kevin is now responsible for creating all 2D and 3D representations of mechanical systems and sub-components. This includes concept drawings, customer approval drawings, installation/assembly drawings, as well as custom fabricated components. He is also responsible for maintaining our library of CAD Blocks for common components, and developing and maintaining our CAD standards as a company.



Operations Manager

A foundational component of our team’s success, Katie ensures the VirTeca team is consistently hitting the mark across our operations and finance tracks through staff and customer relations, leading initiatives, and streamlining internal processes.


Procurement & Operations Process Designer

A procurement powerhouse, Michelle uses her 10+ years of experience to guide successful efforts from ensuring a smooth vendor order from point A to point B to guiding internal standard processes for the team and beyond.

KAnyon Smith

Sales Operations Coordinator

Kanyon uses his business acumen, leadership and procurement training to serve as the primary point of contact for customers that need post-installation service or have time sensitive requests and aides in a variety of internal process improvement projects.

Jo BrocketT

Sr. Business Analyst & Operations Coordinator

Jo is responsible for optimizing processes. Building upon past operations roles, Jo’s project management skills and effective work style contribute to our operations team’s success.

Jonathan Long

Electrical Designer & Operations Associate

Jonathan’s natural mechanical aptitude and managerial strengths aid him in overseeing all warehouse activity, assembling and testing all UL-listed control panels, and bringing to life projects in our showroom.

Kay Brown


Kay is responsible for controllership and financial reporting for activities, provides key guidance on strategic financial decisions and ensures the financial health of our business by overseeing daily accounting operations.

Zak Sanders

Warehouse Associate

A dependable team player, Zak owns all things shipping and receiving, assists in the assembling of control panels, and prepares outbound shipments even going as far as to build a custom crate for safe transportation.

Allison silvey

Accounting & HR Manager

Allison is an expert in both accounting and human resources and has a successful history of directing the monetary and workforce facets of a business. Her strengths lie in supervising our budgets, financial compliance, recruiting, benefits, and personnel policies. Allison makes sure we “dot our i’s and cross our t’s” so that we can function at the highest efficiency possible.

We’re Problem-Solvers, Strategists, Innovators, Insatiable Engineers and Trusted Partners.


gene sanders

President & Board Member

With 27 years of experience in the material handling industry and over 35 years in technical system sales, Gene has played an integral role in founding and propelling the growth of VirTeca. He is committed to delivering exceptional results in each role he has the privilege to take on. His customer-oriented, solutions-based approach, and ability to ignite passion through team leadership have led to hundreds of innovative system designs and successful, streamlined system integration projects.

daNiel wildermuth

CEO & Board Member

Daniel is a globally recognized financial and business expert. His thought leadership has been published by renowned outlets such as Forbes Magazine, CNBC, Senior Market Advisor, Bravo TV and the Dow Jones Newswire. As a key industry leader, Daniel has shared his expertise as a published author and keynote event speaker. He sits on the board of several companies and leverages his knowledge to bolster the success of VirTeca as the CEO and a Board of Directors Partner.

Mitch Hughes

Partner & Board Member

Mitch is internationally recognized for the invention of technologies known for revolutionizing the various industries they apply to, such as ViZZ, open-source visual intelligence software. It’s this focus on advancement that has led Mitch to build and lead ten different businesses to success as well as serve in many highly regarded advisory and committee positions, including that of the Forbes Tech Council and the National BIM Standards Committee of the National Institute of Building Sciences.

Carol Wildermuth

Partner & Board Member

An indisputable agent of quick, exponential growth, Carol has provided leadership to multiple organizations that have been recognized for their innovative, rapid growth. This includes serving as the COO and President for several growing financial and marketing firms. Previously, Carol managed the private client division of Southeast Asia for Lehman Brothers while based in Hong Kong. Her expertise in financial services assists her in her role as a Board of Directors Partner at VirTeca.

marty parker

Chief Strategy Officer

Equipped with over 25 years of executive experience in Supply Chain, Strategy and Marketing, Marty utilizes a variety of skills to drive profitable growth as VirTeca’s Chief Strategy Officer. Not only does Marty have a proven track record of finding success as a fractional C-Suite executive for a myriad of companies, but he also offers his expertise as an award-winning lecturer at the University of Georgia and through media appearances to comment on current affairs as it applies to logistics and supply chain.

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